Product: K-Slide UHMWPE Low Friction Liner & Fastener

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K-Slide UHMWPE is a low friction lining material with good abrasion resistance and excellent corrosion resistance.

Reducing wall friction is the key to solving many common materials flow issues, such as bridging, rat-holing and caking.  K-Slide UHMWPE Low Friction Liner may improve flow in poorly optimised bin/chute designs or applications with varying moisture content.

K-Slide UHMWPE is available in a range of grades, thickness and sheet sizes to cover many applications with anti-static and U.V. stabilised options also available.

Key Features:

  • Low friction surface for improved flow characteristics.
  • Anti-static and U.V. stabilised options available.
  • CNC machining available.
  • Easy installation with K-Slide Cap Head Bolts.
  • Zinc plated or stainless-steel fasteners for corrosion resistance.

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