Product: K-Magnaseal

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Safe, Effective and Environmentally Friendly Hazard Control

K-Magnaseal can quickly, safely and permanently stop hazardous leaks instantly. Due to its ease of application, this sealing solution protects the responder by minimising direct contact and exposure with the leaking hazardous materials.

Manufactured from unique and patented Rare Earth Magnets and Urethane. This combination protects the magnet from direct heat, cracking, rusting, sparking, leading to other potential dangers.

K-Magnaseal – Leak Patch

A high strength, high chemical resistant, magnetic, flexible urethane patch that can hold guaranteed up to 25 psi of pressure and temperature resistance of  of 200° C.

Suitable Applications

  • Derailed rail car / pipeline.
  • Corroded tank / Punctured barrel.
  • Aluminium or Plastic (Non-Ferrous) Vessels – D rings and straps can be used for these applications.

Suitable Industries

  • Fire / Emergency Response.
  • Hazardous Materials/Applications.
  • Bulk Materials Handling.
  • Contact Kinder for specific dangerous and hazardous applications.


K-Magnaseal has been manufactured for the purpose of temporarily sealing leaks or preventing the drainage of hazardous materials into a sewer or water system.  It is important that users follow all instructions included with the product for K-Magnaseal to function properly.

It is expressly understood that there is no guarantee that K-Magnaseal will seal all leaks, likewise, K-Magnaseal is not intended to be used as a permanent solution to stop or preventing leaks.  If you are dealing with hazardous materials, it is important that you contact the relevant authorities with respect to any leak/spill that may have occurred.

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