Product: The Essential AIR Seal – Dust Containment Combination

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Industry Benchmark | Unmatched Dust-Free & Contactless Conveyor Transfer Point Solution.

Exclusive to Kinder, we bring you the The Essential AIR Seal – Dust Containment Combination, our latest top end combination conveyor skirting, sealing and belt support system.

Key Features:

  • Engineered conveyor componentry.
  • Successfully eliminates dust emissions and material spillage.
  • Improves and extends the service of the conveyor belt.
  • Reduces OHS Hazards and cleaning up costs due to dust emissions and material spillage.

AirScrape® is a highly effective contact-free conveyor skirting and sealing system that acts as a side seal, suspended over the conveyor belt. With its unique diagonal arrangement of hardened lamellae, air is led from the outside into the middle of the belt, creating powerful air suction.

TailScrape fully integrates with AirScrape® to deliver outstanding sealing at the rear area, resulting in next level dust control, material spillage reductions and significant cost savings and resources.

K-Containment® Seal enhances the success of the outer seal by reducing the high internal pressure experienced inside the chute and protects the vulnerable chute edges from damage.

K-Shield Dynamax Combi Impact Bed features an innovative Tapered Skirt Support Zone and “IDS” Independent Dynamic Suspension.

K-Sure® Belt Support System is designed to provide a consistent and stable support for the troughed belt profile by reducing the number of rotating components. The Support System eliminates any belt edge sag and therefore increases the effectiveness of the skirting seal.

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