Product: K-OTR Sidewall Protector

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For use with OTR tyres, used by giant truck vehicles on the mine site. Should a rock become wedged or hit with a tyre, OTRs are expensive in both time and money to fully replace. The K-OTR Sidewall Protector ensures your OTR tyre remains unscathed.

It is a modular design, meaning you only replace the damaged panel. Each of these panels are manufactured to provide the best durability in harsh environments.

The K-OTR Sidewall Protector has the ability to adapt to heavy loads, changing shape to handle the load, then returning to the original shape once the load is lifted.

Sizes currently available:
• 29.5R25
• 35/65R33
• 45/65R45
• 875/65R29

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